• Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed SUNY FREDONIA

  • 42 seconds

  • Directed by: Nijah Brown Produced by: Nijah Brown


  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Alfred State of Technology / April 2017

  • Password: Dream 

  • Runtime: 1:12 

  • Directed by: Ashley C. Adams

  • Medium: Adobe Flash and soft pastels

  • Synopsis: When a girl enters her dream world she discovers that she must save it from the corruption of reality.

Feel the Sunshine (Motion Graphic)

  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State College/May 2016

  • 3 minutes, 46 seconds

  • Song: "Feel the Sunshine" by Bob Bradley, the rights of which were acquired through 

  • Directed and edited by James Lopez in Adobe After Effects Digital video.

  • An effort in creating a feeling of noir and uncertainty using music, colors, shapes, and movement.

Hey Diddle Diddle

  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego/Spring 2017

  • Official runtime: 1:07 

  • Directed by: Peri Saat

  • Produced by: Jacob Dodd

  • Original medium: Cel animation

  • Synopsis: An adaptation of the classic nursery rhyme.


  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia / May 2017

  • Password: Kamunyak2017

  • Runtime: 5:34 

  • Directed by: Sarah Gaygen Medium:

  • Dighital Animation Format: 1920x1080

  • In 2002, in the Samburu National Reserve located in Northern Kenya, a strange thing occurred: a lioness was seen lying next to a baby Oryx antelope. Predator and prey side by side; it gathered the attention of many. They named her Kamunyak, meaning 'the blessed one'. Nobody knew exactly the reason why she kept vigil over the calf. Some called it religious divination, calling it a real life allusion to the lion and the lamb; others saw it as a cat toying with its prey. Some said she may have been filling a hole in her heart after the loss of a cub, or even her entire pride since she was a lone lioness, another unusual occurrence. Not everything is smooth between them though, as she wants to keep the little one to herself. Will the two lost animals find solace with one another, or will tragedy set them apart?


  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia / 05/07/17

  • 00:01:33:23

  • Directed by: Melissa Neuburger

  • Produced by: Melissa Neuburger

  • An animated short that follows a snail like creature who is stuck inside a cave. As he wonders around he finds an exit. Upon exiting the cave, he explores a world he has never seen before. There he meets another creature and becomes friends with it.

La Luz

  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia/ Fall 2016

  • Runtime: 46 Seconds

  • Directed/Produced by: Mattea Guldy Medium: Digitally animated rotoscope (Photoshop)

  • Synopsis: A journey of self discovery through a walk in the forest. The title references how the light simplifies the world around you compared to the complexities that lie in discovering oneself.

No Smoking

  • SUNY College of Technology at Alfred / December 2016

  • Password: filmfest

  • Runtime: 00: 01:19 

  • Directed and Produced by Trent Reeves

  • Medium: 3D Computer Animation

  • Synopsis: A truck modified with “rolling coal” exhaust pipes and a “Hybrid Repellent” rear window sticker stops at an intersection. A smaller, hybrid car pulls up behind the truck. The truck backs towards the car and accelerates forward, blowing thick black smoke at the car. At another time, the car meets the truck at the intersection again, but this time they are driving in opposite directions. The truck makes a sudden u-turn in front of the car, cutting it off to blow more smoke at it. Later, the car sees the truck stopped at the intersection. The car stops a significant distance behind, but the truck quickly backs up to blow smoke on the car again. The car turns around and returns home. Back home, the car parks inside the garage. Overnight, the car is modified with a front-mounted air cannon. The car drives off back to the intersection. The car sees the truck again, and fires two plugs labelled “No Smoking” at the truck’s exhaust pipes before quickly passing it. The truck attempts to chase after it, but its backed-up exhaust quickly causes its engine to fail.

One Inch Tall

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia/ 05 12 17

  • Password: Milkman4

  • Brittany Sambrook

  • Adobe After Effects 1920x1080

  • A visual adventure that follows the life of a man that is only one inch tall as described by Shel Silverstein's poem "One Inch Tall." Through quick camera moves and changing colour themes, follow the some of the unexpected trials and tasks that would be a staple in his microworld. Anything that one would normally do or encounter in a day becomes a whimsical, jovial moment. The protagonist eases the minds of viewers' own stresses and instead occupies them with a playful imaging of what his life entails. Lightheartedly, he is able to connect with the viewer of how he struggles to survive what would be considered menial to most and yet how he relishes in who he is. "One Inch Tall" amuses children and illuminates the inner child within adults making it a sentimental treat. Every line of the original poem is brought to life by the character, narrated by Jonathon Sambrook.

Other Real

Alfred State College / 05/02/2017

  • 1:34 

  • Directed/Animated by Torin Murphy

  • Photoshop Digital 2D Animation

  • Against his will, a man is pulled through a screen into a strange world beyond reality, populated by equally unreal creatures. Unprepared, confused, and fearful, he attempts to flee from a strange entity that appears before him. It gives chase, intending to absorb the man into its world forever. This brief animated short assumes a pessimistic stance on technological advancement. It illustrates the imperiled state of the unconnected, fully autonomous individual as he is shackled down and forced to experience a paradigm shift which threatens his own sense of self. The antagonist is the living embodiment of a live culture, demanding an audience for which it may continue to evolve.

  • The Polar Bear & The Penguins

  • State University of New York College at Oswego / 2017

  • Official Runtime: 1 minute 58 seconds

  • Directed By Jamie Hager / Produced By Jamie Hager

  • Medium: Paper, cut out animation.

  • The Polar Bear & The Penguins is a cut out animation which revolves around a polar bear and three penguins who all live at a city zoo together. The polar bear is a greedy, large and in charge kind of fella who values his privacy and love for fish above anything else. From the look of his fancy fishing rod, it is safe to say that he is a wealthy polar bear who typically gets what he wants. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the penguins who work together to catch fish that they can all eat. The Polar Bear is annoyed at their collaboration and lust for life so he steals their fish. It is a metaphor about classism: the rich always getting more and the poor always getting the short end of the stick. The penguins don't have the means for a fancy fishing rod so they have to work twice as hard to get half as much fish as the polar bear does. The moral of the tale is to not steal from others especially from those less fortunate from yourself.

A Rocking Teacher

  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Alfred State of Technology/ December 2016

  • password: rocking

  • Runtime: 2:06 

  • Directed and Produced by: Ashley C. Adams

  • Adobe Photoshop and Flash

  • Synopsis: A young girl tries to teach her pet rock to dance, but becomes increasingly frustrated when it doesn't follow her moves.

Soup Tomato

  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed SUNY College of Technology at Alfred / May 2017

  • Password: filmfest

  • Runtime: 00:00:59 

  • Directed by Trent Reeves / Produced by Trent Reeves

  • Medium: 3D Computer Animation

  • Synopsis: An establishing shot zooms in on a country house. Inside the house, a kitchen is shown. The camera cuts to a cookbook turned to a “Tomato Soup” page, the remains of a tomato on a cutting board, and a pot of boiling soup. A drop of tomato soup jumps out of the pot and splats onto the nearby cutting board. The soup splat levitates before spinning and expanding into a peeled tomato. The tomato lands with a slight bounce. Tomato skin then emerges from underneath the tomato and wraps around it. The tomato stem lying beside it then spins onto the tomato, reattaching itself. The tomato then bounces and jumps outside. Outside, the tomato hits the ground, but bounces itself back up. It attaches itself to a tomato plant. The tomato then unripens and shrinks as a flower grows out of it. The flower shrinks, along with the rest of the plant. Before the plant fully shrinks, a human hand appears and grabsthe plant, which disappears inside the hand. But after the hand opens, the only thing that remains of the shrunken plant is a tomato seed.

Test Chamber 

  • Category Animation 

  • School / Date Completed Alfred State College/ May 2017

  • Password: robotsarecool

  • Runtime:1min5sec

  • Directed by Alex Ciolek Autodesk Maya/3D Animation

  • Synopsis: A young man walks into a facility to test this new weaponry. Once he picks them up, his test begins. 


  • Category Animation

  • School / Date Completed Alfred state 2020

  • 2:29 

  • Made by Joshua Fand

  • Hand drawn animation then digitally edited

  • Would is a piece inspired by Adam Beckett's 1974 Flesh Flows, where I examine the intergation of nature and the man made