11 Hours a Day

  • School / Date Completed University at Buffalo May 1st

  • Official runtime: 13:14 -

  • Directed Jessie Rodkin and Sara Thompson / Produced Jessie Rodkin and Sara Thompson -

  • Original medium: Digital

  • In today’s world, we are constantly being stimulated with social media: Posts, Tweets, Snaps, etc. We hardly have time to breath and disconnect from our world of technology. In fact, we are so consumed by this stimulation, that we become absorbed in this addiction of having to constantly busy with something. We fear what will happen without this stimulation distracting us from our thoughts. We fear what will happen if we let our thoughts free. As a society, we all use media to escape from the problems that we are too scared to face. This stimulation addiction leads to many issues, as our subject Rachel describes with anecdotes from her personal life and her views on our technologically saturated world as a whole.


  • Category Documentary Short

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz/May 2017

  • 14:02 

  • Directed/Produced/Edited By: Paul Spaulding Abby Shaffer Kyra Andrews Alexandria Griffiths

  • Digital

  • Blackbird centers around Redwing Blackbird Theater, a small puppet theater run by Amy Trompetter in Rosendale, NY. Through her art, Trompetter works to show that puppetry speaks to all ages, and can bring life to activist movements.

Doctor of All Shoes

  • Category Documentary

  •  University at Buffalo/2016


  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz December 2016

  • Runtime: 15:44 

  • Directed and Produced by: Aaron W. Rodriguez

  • Format: 4K Digital (This copy uploaded is 720P)

  • Synopsis: Clowning has been vilified by so called "scary clowns" who target the youth of the east coast by jumping out at them from the woods. This phenomenon, be it real or based on exaggeration, has an impact on people who depend on clowning as a profession. Melody Newcombe, a Hudson Valley area clown, has been "clowning" since the early 1990's. Her story of how she started her journey towards being a clown and the impact of the media on her profession is one of heartache and laughter. Using comedy to combat tragedy is one of humanity's most endearing qualities and that is how Whoopsie Daisy the Clown earned her greasepaint. Filmed in the Catskills and on the campus of SUNY New Paltz in the fall of 2016. Directed and Produced by Aaron W. Rodriguez, shot by Lukas Kranjc.

Don't Ask Me Why

       School / Date Completed SUNY Buffalo State / April 2017

  • 14:51 

  • Directed/Produced by Katherine Lipczynski

  • Mental illness is something we do not talk about. Because of society's unspoken gag rule, people have learned to associate mental illness with shame and embarrassment. Things like depression and anxiety are treated as if they are contagious diseases. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately one in five adults experiences a mental illness in a given year. It is a shame that in 2017, society still struggles with its decided prejudice against psychiatric illness. Following three different subjects, I interviewed each and delved into what it means - to each of them - to be labeled with a mental illness. I explored how they defined their illness, how they coped with their illness, and, maybe most importantly, how they endured their illness. Mental illness has been stigmatized, and it's past time we stripped the diagnosis of its negative connotation. These are human beings, with names and stories to tell.


  • Category Documentary 

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Binghamton / May 11th, 2017 

  • The official run time is 13:28.

  • Directed and Produced by Sarah Simone.

  • Original format: Digital Video.

  • Synopsis of film: A personal exploration of trauma and a look at how attempting to cope with the past can leave the present in a vulnerable place. A diary film that keeps the camera rolling, even when it seems there’s nothing left to say.

The Fierce Five Percent: Women in the Sound Industry

  • Date Completed SUNY New Paltz / May 15, 2017

  • 16:29 

  • Directed by Heather Bey and Ryan Kakeh / Produced by Equal Lights Productions

  • Digital Women have a difficult time breaking in to many industries because of the male dominated nature of the working world. The sound industry is no exception. A commonly understood statistic is that, of the professional audio workforce of audio engineers, women only comprise five percent of those employed, overall. "The Fierce Five Percent: Women in the Sound Industry," follows Heather Bey, a student graduating from the New York State University at New Paltz. Throughout the piece, she talks with other female audio engineers, sharing their personal stories of breaking into and working within the field. The short documentary hopes to inspire women to get involved in sound by providing advice for up and coming female engineers, as well as identifying some professional groups dedicated to female advancement in the industry.

Food for Thought

  • Category Documentary

  • School / Date Completed Monroe Community College / May 2017

  • Password: foodforthought

  • Official runtime: 2 minutes 04 seconds Directed/Produced by Emily Arendt

  • Original format .mp4

  • Food for Thought is a restaurant on the Monroe Community College campus, run by Hospitality students to improve their skills in the field. The restaurant teaches the students everything they need to know to succeed - and helps non-hospitality majors at the same time. Food for Thought serves up delicious and healthy food, while changing their menu every few weeks to keep their customers coming back, and to keep their students learning more. Professor Diane Cheasty was excited to share her love of teaching combined with the students passion for learning in this documentary. Through the film, she shares what makes Food for Thought so successful, and her favorite parts of working with the students.

The Forgotten Letter

  • Category Documentary

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego May 9th, 2017

  • Runtime: 12:04 

  • Directed by Moreli Abreu Produced by Professor Francisco J. Suarez

  • Digital DSLR/ .H264 mp4

  • The Forgotten Letter explores the often ignored sexual orientation known as Asexuality. We hear from people who define themselves as Asexual's and how they have been personally affected by a lack of understanding from both straight and gay communities. Through this we hope to raise awareness and promote understanding for this forgotten group.

Hometown Haunts: Urban Legends of New York​

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State / May 2017

  • 19:58 Runtime

  • Directed & Produced by Darrian Dowdy

  • Digital Video This short documentary film explores three local legends and how they shape New York culture. The first story explored is that of Pigman, a supposed deranged killer in Angola, based in some history that sparked national railroad reform. Next, J. N. Adam Memorial Hospital in Perrysburg is explored. After being abandoned, stories of hauntings and paranormal encounters lurked in the empty halls, waiting for trespassers to discover. Finally, in the town of Port Henry, the stories behind Champ the Lake Monster are investigated. Whether or not a monster lurks beneath the surface of Lake Champlain has yet to be officially determined, but eyewitness accounts will say otherwise. This small town depends on their Champ tourism to stay afloat, but is he really out there? These are the true accounts of local New Yorkers, and how the legends in their towns have inspired not only them, but their communities as well.

The Humble Experience 

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State (Senior Year), April 2016

  • Runtime: 6 Minutes

  • Directed by: Joseph Springer

  • Produced by: Joseph Springer and Taylor Branch

  • Original Format: YouTube Video

  • Synopsis: Dive into the creative and personal mind of the lead singer to The Humble Braggers, a well-known and successful WNY band that covers classic rock and produces original music inspired by those classic hits.

If I Love You

  • Category Documentary

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Purchase/MAY 2017

  • Message A documentary that follows Mary as she confronts the problems in her arranged marriage to husband, Julien.

  • PW: Maryjulien

  • Runtime: 13m 57s

  • Directed by: Gabriella Murillo/Produced By: Maxwell Mooney

  • Digital, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 720x480

  • Jāņi

  • Alfred University / 2017

  • Runtime: 8 minutes 38 seconds

  • Directed and Produced By Devin Henry

  • Media: Video / Format : 1920x1080p

  •  "Jāņi" is a documentary video of the Midsummer Night performances that occurred during the 7th International Conference for Contemporary Cast Iron Art which took place at the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum in Sabile, Latvia. With fire being a large component of the traditional Jāņi celebrations, over fourteen artworks were featured on this night including dances and performances, live iron pours, and installation artworks that were set ablaze, lighting up the Pedvale Museum with a warm, red glow from dusk to dawn. The performances were created and produced by their respective artists/groups, as noted on credit sequence at 8:10, and recording was done by five people, including myself, noted on the credit sequence at 7:54, but all of the editing of the video was done by myself alone.


  • Category Documentary

  • School / Date Completed Finger Lakes Community College/ May, 2016

  • Password: Lea.

  • 12:01

  • Directed & Produced by: Ty Jacob

  • Digital Video -

  • 'Lea.' is a short documentary following Rochester, NY artist, Lea Rizzo and explores her influence in the local community. Between running her own art studio and gallery, being a muralist, a tattoo artist, and a full time single mom, it's easy to wonder if she ever sleeps.

The Lucky Ones

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz, May 2017

  • Run Time: 14:49 

  • Directed By: Lukas Kranjc

  • Produced By: Aaron Rodriguez

  • Medium:

  • Digital Synopsis: Waheed Salam, a former military pilot for the Pakistani army and retired airline pilot, tells his turbulent journey of coming to New York City to achieve the American dream. Waheed now lives an upscale life in Manhattan as the vice president of an up and coming airline company. His story of how he came to America from Pakistan is one of personal sacrifice and dedicated hard work. Beneath his determined and rugged exterior lies his love of the sky and the pain of loss. Now he must adjust to his new life after twenty years of security in the big Apple.

Rose Dies Friday

  • Category Poetic Documentary

  • School / Date Completed University at Buffalo / film completed 2016/ degree expected 2018

  • 7:23 HD video

  • 'Friday she died from the tallest oak tree Friday she died Friday flying free Friday Rose died with a noose 'round her neck ... Told through haunting audio and dreamy visuals "Rose Dies Friday" is a-poetic-telling of the 19th century enslaved teenage black girl, Rose Butler. Rose a rebellious and resistant slave girl set her master, William Morris' home in Manhattan on fire, she was arrested and executed from the tallest tree in what is now known as Washington Square Park. Rose Butler's execution changed New York State's prison system for women.


  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz / December 20th 2016

  • 17:08 

  • Directed and Produced by Alex Connor

  • Digital/ 16:9 Matthew

  • Silver sets his “stage” at noon, at the very southern edge of Union Square. He props up a cardboard sign that reads, “Fart with your Heart” then takes a rubber chicken out of his bag. He strips off his shorts and T-shirt to reveal a Wonder Women leotard. Silver is a character study of performance artist Matthew Silver. This short documentary chronicles the wacky performer’s journey from class clown to full-time performance artist. His story is told through family albums, experimental short films Silver produced and through a series of interviews with Silver and his family. He takes you through his childhood in suburban New Jersey and his long-term struggle with depression and various other health issues. Well into production, Matthew’s physical ailments became too severe to continue filming, but in the time spent with him, the production team gained greater insight into what it means to be a performance artist.

Spencer Comes to Buffalo

  • School / Date Completed University at Buffalo/ May 2017

  • Password: Spencer Doc

  • Runtime: 10:36 

  • Directed and Produced by Shawn Combs

  • Medium: Digital Video

  • Synopsis: The Southern Poverty Law Center refers to Robert Spencer as "one of America’s most prolific and vociferous anti-Muslim propagandists." In May of this year, he came to The University at Buffalo. This film explores what happened leading up to that day as well as the the event itself through the eyes of students directly involved. Through interviews as well as footage filmed inside the event, the viewer is provided unique insight into the students that stood united against hate speech at their school. Note: This version is a rough cut. If accepted, I would like to submit a more refined edit if possible.

Stella's Story

  • School / Date Completed University of Buffalo / May 2017

  • Directed by Zandalee Delgado

  • Produced by Zandalee Delgado, Alexia Hall, Derek Hosken -

  • This film takes a look inside the struggle of one strong, brave young girl named Stella who has been battling cancer since before she was even old enough to be able to fully understand what was happening to her body. The unique aspect of this film is that the family is not afraid to show the harsh truth of what they go through in everyday life of having one sick child and one that isn’t. This family has gone through and still goes through so many obstacles with their daughter Stella’s sickness. The sacrifices they must make in order to maintain their household is heartbreaking yet amazingly inspiring, especially when seeing the love and strength they have together despite the odds. Above all Stella’s strength throughout this devastating disease and the impact she's made amongst her community while battling her sickness is a truly remarkable story.

  • This Is Where I Belong

  • Category Documentary

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz // May 12, 2017

  • Runtime:  19:30 

  • Filmed by: Rachel Dobiecki, Gianni Ingenio, Connor Hynes, Mattathia Komla, Elijah Forbes

  • Edited by: Rachel Dobiecki & Gianni Ingenio

  • Produced by: Connor Hynes

  • Medium/Format: Digital Video 1080 x1920

  • Synopsis: A short student documentary focused around the Hudson Valley that tackles issues surrounding immigration and some of the emotions immigrants deal with.

Thanks For the Memories

  • Category Documentary

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Purchase/May 2016

  • password: McQueen

  • Directed/Produced by: Max Mooney

  • Digital Short Film/H.264

  • Pat McQueen is an 86 year old woman suffering from Alzheimers. This disease has so thoroughly consumed her mind that she practically lives in another plane of existence. The film follows the experience from her perspective as she comes to terms with her new reality.


  • University at Buffalo, the State University of New York

  •  Runtime: 8mins50s

  • Directed by: Yuxin Zhao

  • Original Format: Mp4

  • Synopsis: YanYan is an 8-minute nostalgic poetic documentary about Chinese immigrants in New York City. The story focused on Yanyan and her families. She and her husband immigrated to the U.S ten years ago, living in Brooklyn since then. As a newcomer to the country, I feel the environment and culture among Chinese immigrants in Brooklyn area are familiar with the culture where I grew up in China but also exists major differences. This is the trigger for me to start making this film. Furthermore, Yanyan and her husband are both deaf-mutes. During the conversation with them (writing on paper is our way to communicate ), I touched by her definition of “home”. That is also the reason I named the film after her name.