8mm Dream

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego

  • Runtime: 3:00 

  • Directed by: Michael Calobrisi

  • Produced by: Michael Calobrisi

  • Original format: 8mm Film

  • Synopsis: The echoing warmth of our memories.

As My Clones Watch (Music Video)

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz / May 2017

  • Runtime: 4 min 23 sec

  • Directed by: Aaron Rodriguez

  • Produced by: Preeminent Films

  • Digital Format

  • Black Wolf is an up and coming rapper in the Hudson Valley. In spite of his dedication to his craft he's been plagued with thoughts of insecurity and self doubt that have hindered his success. One morning is especially trying as nothing seems to go right for him. On his way to record a new track he's followed by figures in blank masks. Can he overcome his anxieties and fears to achieve hip hop glory? Filmed in New Paltz and Dutchess County New York and starring Black Wolf as himself, this is the official music video for his single "As My Clones Watch".

Barhopped and Ponyclapped

  • Category Experimental 

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego / Spring 2017 

  • 05:25 runtime

  • Directed by Jarred Lyndaker and Seth Miller

  • Produced by Jarred Lyndaker

  • Digital

  • An alcoholic ceramics artist struggles with regret and addiction. 


  • Category Experimental 

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego/May 2017

  • Run time: 6:16 

  • Directed and Produced by: Amanda McKnight

  • Bloom is a film about a woman's journey of cancer shown through the season of the year.

Die Gelbe Frucht

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia/ 05/07/17

  • 02:09:00 

  • Directed by: Melissa Neuburger

  • Produced by: Melissa Neuburger

  • This experimental film focuses on the aesthetic properties of a mango. Throughout the film, the mango is shown in varying positions that show off its natural beauty. This includes the unfiltered colors of the skin and flesh that make mangos appear to be exotic.


  • School / Date Completed SUNY Buffalo/ 2017 May

  • Runtime: 6min56s

  • Directed by: Yuxin Zhao

  • Original Format: Mp4

  • Synopsis: Graduating is an experimental documentary about three international students who are facing the same situation: graduating. They all chose to stay in America but for different reasons. The stop motion is on purpose. I created them from different photos and videos. My intention is to break the rule of film: motion pictures. I use continued photos to create this film, for providing time gaps between images for the audience to fill the gaps by their eyes and imaginations. Furthermore, this stop motion can provide audience more information on the voice over: not only the numbers and locations but also the interviews in the background. Last but not the least, this is also my personal story because all of them are my roommates. I made this film for them as a gift for their graduations.

High Art

  • School / Date Completed Stony Brook University/ 9-6-2017 

  • 37:40

  • Directed by Umbilic Borus/Produced by Umbilic Borus Film

  • High Art is a film that attempts to answer some of these questions: What is art? What isn’t art? Can the questioning of art be art? What happens when the artwork becomes self aware? Did this movie description just become self aware? Yes it did!! This is so exciting! Self Awareness is so fucking weird. Wait. But now I’m aware of the fact that I’m self aware. And that’s even weirder. Fuck. Now I’m aware of the fact that I’m self aware that I’m self aware. [insert meta death spiral] Anyway, you guys should totally watch this movie. It’s mostly just Umbilic Borus getting baked and spouting weird meta bullshit. I hope you guys like it!

High Strung

  •  Suny at Buffalo / September, 2017

  • Runtime: 5:52 

  • Produced by: Jesse Rodkin

  • A 21 year old child sits in his room and thinks about things. He is the product of his exposure: television and trauma. Though next to nothing truly traumatic has occurred to his own life, he can't help but feel he lives in a universe conflicted between whimsy and the dark; though he knows which one he'd personally choose. He goes through the day humming cartoon theme songs deeply rooted into his yarn-like brain and lays awake at night dreading a nuclear war that in reality, he'd never even realize actually happened before it was too late. Using various found footage he had encountered in his lifetime and ten dollars worth of orange AC Moore string, along with sentimental baubles found around his room, Jesse Rodkin attempts to visualize what the inside of his head looks like. He doesn't feel the duality of a desire to live in a world of pure cheer despite an inherent dependence on fear and hate is strictly his own. He knows we are all lost in a similar battle. However, he struggles to realize his battle is a natural one: He's probably just growing up.

Jigsby Snaps

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz / May 29, 2017

  • Message Jigsby Snaps is a compilation of quirky characters, engaging in improvisational, one-way dialogue in the Snapchat Universe


  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed Suny Fredonia/ April 16th 2017

  • Official run time 3:41 

  • Directed by Phil Hasting

  • Produced By Torry Haggins

  • Original medium/format: phone camera

  • Synopsis: Make a short video using film shot by Professor and make it unrecognizable. So I made a film about taking a journey through color and eventually losing ones way only to end up at the same place again.

Last Words

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego - April 16th 2017

  • Runtime: 5:35 

  • Directed by: Nicholas Cocks

  • Produced by: David Fuenzalida

  • Digital Format

  • After a man has been shot, he travels through his memories in order to find the perfect "last words."

Losing It

  • University at Buffalo / October 2015

  • Runtime: 2:19 

  • Directed by Quinn Lachler

  • Produced by Quinn Lachler  

  • Synopsis: Losing It is an experimental film utilizing music and visual cues in order to present a performative transition of focus. Several compositions are shown throughout the film that are representative of a static, constant, cold image. Once the color scheme changes, things start to heat up and entropy within the piece begins to override the static ambiance previously stated. As entropy becomes dominant, water begins to flow faster, words start to form ideas, a broader perspective begins to open on a once simple and consistent world. This film takes the second law of thermodynamics and and expresses it as a cinematographic performance.


  • School / Date Completed September 2017

  • Luna is a based on ETA Hoffman's The Sandman, which originally came out of folklore and also pulled themes from Freudian psychology including subconscious childhood trauma and dream logic. The short film is the story of a quiet freshman in college when her awareness of living as an automaton shifts to an awakening of a transhumanist future, mirroring the conflicting German psyche in ETA Hoffman's version. Because technology is almost always being portrayed as a means of connection, detachment is emphasized in Luna by following the character’s unreliable perspective throughout her day. The character's relationships also take a hit because of her inability to be present and face her demons. The film poses the question, what do you think is "real-life"?

Manufactured Obsolescence 

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed University at Buffalo 2017

  • Password: SWFFExperimental

  • Runtime: 4:30 

  • Directed by Elijah Pike

  • Medium/Format: Digital Video

  • Logline/Synopsis: An experimental critique on materialism, technology, and commodities that are designed for obsolescence.

Midnight Girl

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego - November 4th 2016

  • Runtime: 5:11 

  • Directed by: Nicholas Cocks

  • Produced by: Victoria Jayne

  • Digital Format

  • After botching their first sacrifice, three Satanists must pay the price.


  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia/ Spring 2017

  • password: windham1 

  • 3:37 

  • Directed and Produced by Nicholas Skopinsky

  • Digital Format

  • This film is my personal take on the way I see life. Themed "Aesthetics of the ordinary" I took a slightly different approach. Seeing everyday imagery paired with mechanical sounds giving it a boring feeling. Set on the SUNY Fredonia campus and the surrounding areas. People are much like ants, constantly trying to complete normal everyday tasks.

Narcoleptic Insomniac

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego / Spring 2017

  • 05:20

  • Directed by Jarred Lyndaker / Produced by Jarred Lyndaker

  • Digital

  • A woman tried to hold her life together while afflicted with insomnia.

My Neighborhood

  • Category Experimental Doc

  • School / Date Completed University at Buffalo/ 2017 (film) 

  • 11:42 

  • Directed and produced by Annette Daniels Taylor

  • HD video

  • In the corners of the north-east Leroy neighborhood of Buffalo, commuters speed past houses in need of repair. In my neighborhood, school children must wear uniforms so that police officers know they are in fact children. In my neighborhood, the sun lights up the streets and the trees sway and watch the blight while neighbors take care of their families, their homes and what remains within the borders of a once bustling and thriving community. "My Neighborhood" is an experimental docu-poem filled with nuance, shadows and light exploring sites and sounds frequently unseen and unheard.

Ode to You and I

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz / April 2015

  • Runtime: 2:23 

  • Written and Directed by Sam Eisenbaum

  • Poetry and Photography

  • I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder on September 3rd, 2013. I felt powerless and defeated. I quickly succumbed to a menace of a creature who enslaved my mind and seemed to act on its own volition. I had no control and I was terrified. But, through this fear, I regained courage, and through despair, I regained my identity. This is a poem I wrote called an Ode to You and I. I created this video as a means to wrap up the creature inside of me and lock it into a piece of art.


  • Category Experimental 

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego / Fall 2017

  • 03:08 runtime

  • Directed by Kiley Clancy and Natalie Trainor / Produced by Frame by Frame Productions

  • Digital A young woman is unable to reach those around her and searches for contact.

The space between words 

  • Category experimental

  • School / Date Completed The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University; April 2016

  • 49:22

  • Directed by Erin Kearney; Produced by Erin Kearney

  • Medium: Video

  • Synopsis: This piece discusses us in reference to time. To consider the moments of being physically present within a space, but mentally present somewhere else. There is no beginning or end to this work, only the time you choose to stay. As flecks of gold dance in an unforeseen turbulence it offers a moment for a viewer to transcend. Suspending reality for only an instant, or an eternity.

Snow Looks Back, Somersault Window, and Other Short Stories

  • The State University at New Paltz April 2017

  • Message Runtime: 6m 51s

  • Directed/Produced/Edited by Katie Kelley Video,

  • "Snow Looks Back..." Is a collection of short stories that fit together to create a narrative of the ups and downs of life through metaphor and exploration. The video conveys an innocence and purity of vision proclaimed by the writings of the filmmaker Stan Brakhage. "What does a field of grass look like to a newborn?" he wrote. I interpret this as what are we really seeing? What is the experience of a feeling? The world will open to you if you acknowledge that you hardly know anything about it. The visual artist and pilot James Turrell has been interesting to me for a while, because of his devotion to the feeling and experience of light. A video or a photograph is in essence, a manipulation of light. Images are like arrows, pointing to meanings that create a story. This comes across in my work.


  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego 2016

  • Runtime: 3:15 

  • Directed By: Colton Shanahan

  • Produced By: Ethan Salerius Format: 16mm

  • Synopsis: An experimental short of a mans life, cycled continuosly in a vacuum, mirroring ideas of society and technology. Focusing on these symbols we see how the body and the mind are effected by advancements in techologies and how they dictate our actions, and our freedoms.


  • State University of New York at Oswego 2017

  • \Official Runtime:  3:39:05 

  • Directed by Jamie Hager / Produced by Jamie Hager

  • Original medium: Digital, Canon DSLR t3i Format: H.264, mp4, 1920x1080p

  • Ruined is an experimental film revolving around a young woman who is stripped of her freedom and control by a male figure who represents misogyny and supremacy. This film was inspired by Iranian filmmaker Samira Makhmalbaf's The Apple. The film contrasts between the happiness that the outside can bring and horrors that the inside can cause. When she is outside and alone she is free and happy, but when she is inside with this man she loses her autonomy. This film is meant to illustrate the consequences of letting the majority rule over the minority. The protagonist represents all the people who have ever felt powerless and hopeless because of someone or something taking away their independence. It is not easy to regain control once it is completely lost or never possessed in the first place.

Set Aside the Cobwebs in the Sky (Gently Open Your Eyes to Sleep)

  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed University at Buffalo / May 2017

  • RT: 30min

  • Dir. Jonathan Joy / Prod. Jonathan Joy Original

  • Format: 4K Digital Cinema

  • Synopsis: Set Aside the Cobwebs in the Sky is an experimental moving-image work, based on four sonic movements, which explores themes of fragmentation, confusion, anti-nostalgia, powerlessness, identity, masculinity, grief, and the lasting residue of the past.

Sunday Morning

  • Category Experimental 

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia / May 2017

  • Runtime: 3:11 

  • Directed by: Susan Kehl

  • Produced by: Susan Kehl

  • Medium: Digital video This film explores the way an object that is usually seen indoors lives in an outdoor environment. It also shows how harmonious nature and music can be. Using both dark and clear colored records as the subject matter, this film also incorporates balance with hues, but an imbalance with their surrounding environment. The sounds of nature, human voices, and music can be heard in this film, accompanying a sunny day that sets the scene. "Sunday Morning" takes the ordinary and puts it in a perspective not seen in everyday life.


  • Category Experimental

  • School / Date Completed Monroe community college / November 2015

  • 9:55 

  • Directed by Jordan Wood/ Produced by Jordan Wood

  • Digital Video This film is an exercise in which several people coexist and change within the course of the short story. It is an expression of "the Artist", the "non-artist" and outside societal pressures to do or be a specific thing.