Buffalo State College / May 2017

Runtime: 8m 58s

Directed by: Dustan Whitcomb

Produced by: Dustan Whitcomb, Katherine Lipczynski

Associate Producer: Annie Sullivan


When Jake Sandoval's mother is diagnosed with cancer, he returns to school with a fiery work ethic. Under the supervision of his professor, he finishes his thesis, a computer code destined to change our everyday technology as we know it. Within twelve hours, his professor has taken local and international credit for the student's authorship. This strips Jake of his ability to graduate and his eligibility for immediate job prospects. His confrontation with his professor will shape Jake for years to come.


SUNY Purchase/May 2017

14 minutes, 1 second with credits

Directed by Michael Scarnati

Produced by Sebastian Montjuich and Michael Scarnati Format: .MOV QuickTime file, H.264 codec

Synopsis: Addicted follows a quiet, stressed father dealing with his own demons and his rising suspicions that his son is hiding something from him. 

 Armed Robbery with Accessory to Friendship

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Broome, 6/13/2016

  • Message  Runtime- 19min 11sec

  • Directed by Nick Venuti Produced by Noah Manzer

  • 1920x1080, 23.976

  • A broke college student named Tyler is interning at an accounting firm and is running out of money to pay his bills. One night after work Tyler decides to watch a heist movie that inspires him to commit a robbery. He decides to call up his friends, Kevin and Isaac, to help him pull it off. At first, neither of his friends take him seriously. He eventually convinces Kevin to help him out and Isaac leaves, wanting no part of it. Tyler and Kevin proceed to purchase weapons, bullets, masks and more in preparation for the big store heist. The two decide to send a picture of them with weapons to Isaac. This scares Isaac into joining them just so he can make sure they do not hurt anyone during the robbery. They pack up the van and head off to a local store to pull off the heist. On their second attempt, they pull it off and get away with a little over a hundred dollars. Tyler and Kevin continue their life of crime.

Arranged Marriage

  • Category Drama

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State/ April 24 2017

  • runtime: 9 Minutes and 31 Seconds

  • Directed by Sondasi Luundo / Produced by Joycelyn Opoku Format: MP4 file H.264 (.mp4)

  • SYNOPSIS Kente is forced to marry Moushwood at a very young age. She finds herself in an abusive relationship which she cannot escape. When she finally gets the courage to run away, she finds refuge in her older sister's home. Moushwood, her husband traces her down and locates her. Kente blinded by love believes her husband has changed, only to find out he was there to retaliate. In the course of this, her older sister Adama tries to help but ends up stabbing Moushwood to death. It was a tragic scene which left Kente in a horrible condition as she witness her own sister committing a murder. Kente felt alone and unloved by her sister even though Adama thought what she did was the only choice she had to help her little sister Kente. As the film come to an end, Kente tells an emotional story of her marriage.


  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State/November 2016

  • 5 Minutes

  • Directed by Avery Maycock and Liam Peterson

  • Produced by Royce Kimber

  • Short Film/H.264

  • Synopsis: When a hyper-intelligent AI begins asking questions about its own existence, it's up to the mysterious Director Hampton to get to the bottom of the machine's existential peril and decide its fate. Does the ability to create consciousness give one the right to take it away?


  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State College 09/15/2017

  • 11:06 

  • Directed and Produced by Joeseph Cumbo

  • H.264

  • A year after the death of her boyfriend, a girl seeks the revenge of his killer with the help of her high-school friend. She soon realizes that there is more to revenge than meets the eye.

B&E The Musical!

  • Category Narrative

  • Buffalo State College / 6/17 

  • 15.23

  • Directed by Hanna Woltz

  • Produced by FFAUK

  • When a security camera catches Sunny breaking vases in the art gallery, he and his friends must break into
    campus security and delete the footage before he gets expelled.


(SUNY) University at Buffalo, Completed 7/16/2016

Password: Submarine 

Runtime: 19 min 26 seconds 

Written/Directed by: Vinny DiVirgilio 

Produced by: Andrew Dale 

Director Of Photography: Oliver Lau 

16:9 widescreen 

Synopsis: Set in WW2, Beyond The Sea follows the dramatic tale of a young sailor (Jimmy) after a medical outbreak spreads throughout his ship leaving him as the only survivor. As the days pass and his mind turns, Jimmy is pulled between two colliding worlds.


  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State 10/17/16

  • 00:02:51 

  • Directed and Produced by Ben Johnson

  • H.264

  • A young soldier journeys through the wilderness on a mysterious assignment.

Blue Mice and Pink Elephants

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz // May 12, 2017

  • Runtime:  8:45 

  • Filmed by: Rachel Dobiecki, Gianni Ingenio, Connor Hynes, Mattathia Komla, Elijah Forbes Edited by: Gianni Ingenio & Rachel Dobiecki Produced by: Connor Hynes

  • Medium/Format: Digital Video 1080 x1920

  • Synopsis: Student Nior Film following a man named John London who is struggling between reality and his own imagination.

Bolue Vience

  •  Suny Purchase 2016

  • 20:01 

  • Directed by Jordan Tetewsky

  • Produced by: Jen McCabe Conner Schuurmans Albee Delia Vuk Lungulov Bolue

  • Vience is about the misadventures of an artist who tries to win his love's favor back after reconnecting with his estranged father.

But Not Forgotten ​

  • SUNY Binghamton University 2017 

  • Password: thoenfilms

  • Official runtime: 09:56 

  • Directed/Produced by: Paloma Thoen Original

  • medium: HD Digital SLR

  • Synopsis: But Not Forgotten follows a young girl’s journey coming to terms with the loss of her best friend in order to move on with her life after a spiritual encounter. Rebecca, a young teenager from the suburbs, is visited by her deceased friend, Eileen, in a dream. She wakes up startled with the inclination to visit Eileen’s grave. At the graveyard Rebecca meets Rose, a kind stranger, who helps Rebecca realize that fate is unavoidable and that it is best to make peace with the past.

Circle of Violence

  • Category Narrative

  • Buffalo State 08/26/2017

  • Directed and Produced by Ben Johnson

  • H.264

  • A CIA agent, hunted by Russian agents, wishes nothing but to see his family again. Instructed to do nothing but hold up in the desolate countryside, the agent attempts to wait out the Russians, contemplating whether or not a life of espionage is worth it.


  • SUNY Buffalo State College

  • 9:45 

  • Directed By Alec Biello,

  • Produced by Coleen & Joe Biello

  • Short Film/ H264

  • Tyler Bennet is a troubled young adult that struggles with feeling like an afterthought to everyone around him. When confronted by his mother about his attitude around the home, he tries avoiding her to run away from the issue. As things between him and his mother escalate, Tyler is caught off guard by an oncoming vehicle and is hit by the car. But, when Tyler realizes he hasn't been killed, he discovers that he's having an out of body experience in a strange new world with a man sitting by a TV monitor on a desk. This man has Tyler's life on file, containing memories that made an impression on him as he grew up. In order to go back to his life, Tyler must watch his life flash before his eyes before returning to his body.

The Crew

  •  University at Buffalo / December 2016

  • Run time: 13:37 

  • Directed by: Shawn Combs

  • Produced by: Shawn Combs, Brittany Sedor, Marshall Ulger, Katie Kostelny

  • HD 1920x1080

  • A camera crew follows 6 students as they are facing challenges in the final hours of trying to make an award-winning film. With time running out, they have no choice but to deal with the pretentious actor brought on by their "genius" director, who is constantly changing the story (but lacks originality). This comedic short has everything from food throwing, an inflatable dinosaur, drinking, smoking (nothing illegal, I know what you're thinking), swearing, romance, setting things on fire, chiffon (wait, no it doesn't), conflict resolution???, and a lot of peaking.

Dark Chamber

  • School / Date Completed Finger Lakes Community College 2017

  • Runtime 18:30 

  • Director Ben Mills

  • Producer Timothy Allen Coons

Dream Field​

  • SUNY Oswego/September 13, 2017

  • 20:28 

  • Directed by Brandon Macey/Produced by Brandon Macey, Frank Heagle, Maria-Ray Ossino, and Ian McClellan

  • .MP4

  • Nick wakes up in the middle of an open grass field, unsure where he is or how he got there. He meets a wise, humble man in the field called The Guardian whom he asks to help him get home. The Guardian tries to make Nick see the error of his ways by giving him visions of the events leading up to a car accident, which includes him talking back to his mom. Feeling frustrated over the Guardian wasting his time, he decides to find his way home without him. But he is stuck in a loop and cannot escape. The Guardian reappears and asks Nick to change his ways, which he agrees to do. The Guardian walks away and fades into oblivion before Nick passes out. He wakes up in a hospital bed where a nurse informs him that he was in a coma for a week.


  • SUNY Purchase/May 2017

  • Password: Purchase2017

  • Runtime: 10 minutes 46 seconds

  • Directed by Brandon Hugo Arroyo, Produced by Madhura Berman

  • Quicktime 16:9 Post cropped to 2:35:1

  • Synopsis: Estrella is a short narrative centered around a mother and daughter, whose bond has grown weak as the years have escaped them. Our protagonist, Adeleen, is a young storyteller whose inspirations derive from the same relationship that keeps her quiet. On the night before her first stage read, Adeleen takes it upon herself to reach out and reignite a forgotten passion, only to be met with self-discovery and new appreciation.

The Elysian Field

  • Westchester Community College 2017

  • 17:40 

  • Directed by : Jon Leyton

  • Mississippi 1962. Racial tensions, segregation, and murder were at an all time high in Southern America but despite all the dangers that came with being black in the south, one young couple, a black man and a white woman, would find a way to be together. They would meet in secret in a beautiful grassy field which they saw as their private sanctuary and for a time they were successful in their meeting but that all changed one day when they were discovered en route to their field by the woman's brother and his henchmen. The brother and his gang hunt down the black man and begin to beat him and hang him from a tree. Just when it seemed like the end for the young man, he summons superhuman like strength to escape being lynched and run away from his tormentors. What follows next is an arc of psychological trauma as the young man begins to slowly lose his mind the deeper he ventures into the dark forest. He'll face his personal demons and overcome any obstacle if he's to make it back to his beloved in one piece but fate however has other plans...

 Everything is Everything

  • SUNY Oswego / April 16, 2017

  • Runtime: 7:51

  • Directed and Produced by Issack Cintron -

  • Originally for the 36-Hours Mixed Emotions Film Festival 2017 -

  • A forbidden love is challenged

A Friend Named SID 

  •  SUNY Broome/ May 2017

  • Official runtime: 3 minutes and 45 seconds

  • Directed and Produced by: Matthew Waskie

  • Original Medium:MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)

  • Film Summary: One topic that I never really like to talk about is my Sensory Integration Disorder. It is not a well-known disorder. You can try to explain what goes on in your head, but people still can’t fully understand it. I always wished that there was a way to show people what’s it like to live like this and how my brain works. Then I took an introduction to filmmaking class and realized I could. And so I did. The strange film cuts and the weird speech patterns in this film are to show how I process thought and how they can influence my mental process to remember and learn. This film is also my way of saying thank you to my friends for their encouragement and acceptance as well as a means to of showing people with similar disorders that a learning or physical disability doesn’t define them as a person.


       SUNY Fredonia / 2/07/17

  • 7:21

  • Directed by: Melissa Neuburger

  • Produced by: Melissa Neuburger

  • An experimental narrative film that deals with the feeling of patriotism that a young female is experiencing. In her reflection, one can see the American flag where her heart would be. The reflection also shows an architectural that resembles a tower. The girl seems to be reminiscing on past events that still haunt her.

Gary and Junior Fight a Cannibal

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz / 10/25/2016

  • 5:16 

  • Directed by Marc Mifsud / Produced by Gianni Ingenio -

  • Internet / .mp4 -

  • Gary and Junior live in a house on their own and they hear and see some strange things going on. After shrugging them off, things get weirder. Then they realize, they are not alone. They discover a guitar-playing cannibal in their house. However, after taking down this cannibal, they discover a second cannibal in the house.

How Much Light

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Purchase / April 2017

  • Password:howmuchlight

  • Runtime: 7:33 

  • Directed by Kevin Wingertzahn / Produced by Kevin Wingertzahn and Gavin Zinzell

  • Original Format : H.264

  • Scared by the idea of being put on medication, an insomnia ridden middle schooler deals with the negative effects of sleep deprivation until one night when everything changes.

The Human Chair

  • School / Date Completed New Paltz/5-18-17

  • password: Chair2017

  • Runtime 14:46 

  • Directed by Wainabi Jung / Produced by Victoria O'Connor and Christine LaBoy

  • Video / 24fps 1080p

  • A magazine writer receives a mysterious letter from a craftsman about a 'terrible crime.'


  • School / Date Completed SUNY Buffalo State

  • Runtime: 8:22 

  • Directed by: Craig Acton Jr.

  • Produced by: Mackenzie Chase

  •  Synopsis: Hypocrisy tells the story of Allison Lowery, an up and coming reporter as she conducts her interview with mayoral candidate Gregory Benson. The interview begins and all seems normal as Allison throws him a couple softball questions. However, things take a turn when she begins to slowly focus in on an event in Gregory’s past. Gregory used to have an infatuation with a young waitress at a local diner, one day following her after one of her shifts and assaulting her. As the truth begins to come to light Gregory’s calm demeanor crumbles, revealing that the monster below the surface has been there the whole time, waiting. Allison drops the reveal that she is the daughter of the waitress and himself. Gregory’s face goes white and he leaves, promising to cover the whole story up, however, Allison was recording their entire conversation and leaves, bittersweet with the results she got.

Journey to the Last Christmas Dance

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Purchase/Spring 2017

  • 9:24 

  • Directed by Nic Inglese, Produced by Nic Inglese & David Foley

  • While waiting for his date to get ready, a young man bonds with his date's father.

A Man Who Lives Alone

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Purchase / May 1st 2017

  • Password: amanwholivesalone

  • Runtime: 7 minutes Directed by Marc Fersko / Produced by Jessica Gordon Medium /

  • Format: Super 16 and Digital Video

  • Synopsis: Salvatore Spurrell is a fifty-five year old man with problems that he consistently ignores. His living conditions are appalling and he has apparent health problems. The biggest problem in his life is the disconnect he has had with his daughter. After ignoring all of these problems for a long time, he decides that today is the day he is going to begin mending them back together. This process starts with his daughter.

Dirty Dishes

  • University at Buffalo / May 2017

  • Runtime: 8:44 

  • Directed by Katie Kostelny

  • Produced by Katie Kostelny and Marshall Ulger

  • MP4 HD1920x1080

  • A man has been struggling with something for a long time. He goes through his day dealing with his greatest conflict: himself. We get to experience his pain and suffering as he tries to destroy the parts of him that are causing it. Every one has a dark side. Every one has something they are trying to escape from. You can't let your greatest fears defeat or define you; even if those fears are your own self.

Eddie, Milo and The Box

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego / April 2017

  • (18:39)

  • Directed by Issack Cintron

  • Produced by Olga Lancaster and Edward Lancaster

  • Format: Senior Capstone for SUNY Oswego 2017

  • Two childhood best friends find a magical box in their local park and contemplate its possibilities.


Purchase / May 1st, 2017

Password: fraud2017 

Runtime: 17:00 

Directed by: Anthony Riso 

Produced by: Kevin Carges 

Format: Digital - RED 

Synopsis: A timid James struggles to find his niche in a cut-throat financial internship.

Goodnight Moon

Runtime: 8 minutes 16 seconds 

Written, directed, and produced by Karlyn Mizzoni 

Shot digitally 

In this dark reimagining of the children's book "Goodnight Moon", an Obsessive Compulsive mans nightly routine is disrupted when he has a sudden flashback of a mysterious man. Realizing he has blocked out his childhood, he rushes to uncover his suppressed memories.

High Expectations

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State College / May 2017

  • Runtime: 10:56 

  • Directed by Robin Lazzara / Produced by Robin Lazzara and Alex Stuewe

  • Original format: Short film / H.264

  • Synopsis: Blane Ravvy is about to leave for college, and this is her last chance to tell her crush how she really feels. She gets the perfect opportunity to confront her love interest when she hears about a party she's going to, but is stuck babysitting her little brother. Boy, does she get more than she bargained for when she decides to bring him along.

The Last Box

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Binghamton University/9-20-2016

  • Password: lastboxfilm2017 Runtime: 3:29 

  • Directed and Produced by: Matthew Brennan

  • Format: Digital, 16x9

  • Synopsis: Two exes have a run in while buying condoms for their upcoming dates.


  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State College / July 2017

  • Password: LONER

  • Runtime: 00:11:23 

  • Directed and Produced by Rafael C. Mencía

  • A drama of a couple who recently breakup due to cold feet. Chris, a 21 year old college student, goes through the five stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression (most of the film) and finally acceptance. Chris loses everything he ever cared for, until he finds another path in life.

Missed Connection

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed May 2017

  • Run time: 13:27 

  • Directed and Produced by Brittany Sedor

  • Original Medium/ Format: 1920x1080

  • Synopsis: "A college student discovers that he is able to write letters to a girl in a photograph from the late 1930s, only for him to realize that this great discovery he has made, blinds him from what has been happening in her life."


  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed 5/7/2017

  • Password: seniorfilm

  • Runtime: 14:14 

  • Directed by: Harris Van Alterman

  • Produced by Madhura Berman and Jeremy

  • Gray Medium/Format: Digital, 16:9

  • Synopsis: A disheveled young man and his married neighbor use one another to avoid their responsibilities.


  • Buffalo State College / April 28th, 2017

  • 9:19 

  • Directed by - Ian McNamara

  • Produced by - Robin Lazzara & Avery Maycock

  • Short Film H.264

  • Neutralized is set in a dystopian future where America is divided into two groups. The people who wear yellow support the new ruthless dictator, Gravis. The people in purple rebel against him and his supporters and stay distant. The hero, Eli, is the first person to not choose a side. This causes personal conflict and a long rivalry between Gravis and Eli. Throughout this story, you see the rising conflict between Eli and Gravis, due to their long, rough history. With support from his allies Eli hopes to steer clear of the evil and keep cool with the good but most importantly, let none of it ruin him.

New Riots

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego/ May 2016

  • Directed by Cameron Ebersold

  • Produced by Cameron Ebersold and Gaby Prusak

  • Arri SR 16mm film/ HD H.264 digital file

  • NEW RIOTS is the story of a punk rocker trying to keep her head above water while balancing her work, personal and artistic lives.

One Step Away​

  • SUNY Broome/ October 25, 2016

  • Runtime: 5:11 

  • Directed and Produced by Ryan Dixson

  • Format: MP4

  • On a normal morning, one man finds himself killing time with a good book. Waiting for his next class to start, loosing track of time is inevitable. A look at his watch and…he missed his bus! He runs for his bike, which, sadly, has a flat tire. Managing to sprint to the bus station, he again misses his ride to class. He has failed. Sitting down, he realizes the next bus is well beyond the time of his class and he tries to come up with a solution. Pulling an idea from the book he was reading, Harry Potter, a desperate attempt at running at the brick pillar is his only option. Grabbing his bag, he heads towards the pillar and, much to his surprise, emerges on the other side and right where he belongs. Checking his watch: he’s right on time, and walks to class.


  • Buffalo State College / May 2017

  • 13:29 

  • Directed/ Produced by: Mandy Hebblethwaite

  • Short Film/ H.264

  • After the death of their mother Adrian and Damien are forced to live under the same roof for the first time in years. The two siblings attempt to come to terms with their past as the day of the funeral draws closer. When Adrian refuses to go to the funeral in fear of judgement for their changed non-binary gender identity Damien must find a way to convince Adrian to face their fear.


State University of New York at Buffalo / 2017

Directed by Daeil Kim

Produced by Hao Wang & Melanie Sudyn 

Running Time 17:32 

- Digital / 2.35:1 

 -Synopsis A blind girl with a wounded past finally gets a chance to meet her mother, who abandoned her at birth. In spite of the hope of meeting her mother, a mysterious message creates apprehension towards what she once desired for.

Puppers and Maggie

  • Suny Oswego/December 2016

  • Directed and Produced by Luc LaCroix

  • A college girl has to choose between her childhood toy and her life outside of school and her relationship.


  • Category Narrative

  • SUNY Oswego/ 09/15/17

  •  password:hahajamie 

  • 11:35:13 

  • D: Jaclyn McTigue/ P: Austin Sculley

  • Digital

  • A young girls world is turned upside down on her quest to learn more about her deceased mother and the woman whom she was named after.

The SandMan​

  •  SUNY Orange/ December 18, 2016

  • Run Time 18:37 

  • Directed By: Daniel Leahey Produced By: Daniel Leahey 

  • Digital

  • Synopsis: The SandMan, based on classic DC Comic Book Characters. Tells the story of a young man by the name of Wesley Dodds. Wesley is the son of Edward Dodds, The CEO of the billion dollar company Dodd Tech. Wesley should be living a life of luxury, but instead is live a life of misery and unrest. For as long as he can remember he has been plagued by nightmares of gruesome murders. His father has sought out professional help to deal with his sons problem, but unknown to his father Wesley knows the truth. That these nightmares he has been having are not just made up, but are actually real. Cursed by these visions of the dead he has tried to everything to stop seeing these dreams and to be gone of this curse. Until one night he has a vision of a young woman being mugged and killed in a parking garage. Wesley thinks nothing of until he see's this young girl alive and well that very day. Now Wesley must use his dreams to save this young woman's life before it's to late.

The Score

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State / February 2017

  • Runtime - 5:20 

  • Co-Directed by Mark Pasqualotto and Rocco LaPenna, Produced by Rocco LaPenna Digital

  • The Score introduces the career criminal Asmo and his crew hiding out in a grimy silo after pulling off a lucrative heist, but the men have different ideas of how this meeting will end.

Stand Off

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State (Sophomore Year), October of 2015

  • Runtime: 1hr 31 minutes

  • Directed/Produced by: Joseph Springer Jr

  • Synopsis: An action/horror about four survivors who attempt to work together in order to survive an infection outbreak and uncover it's strange super human effects. When a mysterious epidemic enters the city, four strangers must work together in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. As they begin to uncover new information regarding the virus, the infected begin to grow stronger, faster, smarter, and larger in numbers.


  •  State University New York / May 16,2017

  • Password: Hu$h

  • Official runtime: 5:32 Mins

  • Directed by: Robyn Klingelhoefer & Krishna Desai Produced by: Krishna Desai

  • Medium/ Format: QuickTime .mov

  • Brief Synopsis: Stuck is a story of a working girl Maddie, who lives in a small town. Her simple life takes a turn when the thin line between reality and dream dissolves and it brings fear in her life. The phase of sleep paralysis shakes her up and the new dimension that is neither dreams nor reality starts evolving.

Take the Hit

  • Category Narrative 

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Purchase 5.5.16

  • Password: powerball

  • Runtime: 5:47 

  • Directed and Produced by Lee Manor -

  • Synopsis: Arrogant Ron has to learn the hard way to change his attitude about life.

That's My Baby

       Buffalo State, May '16

  • Password: thatsmybaby 

  • 8:10 min

  • Directed and Produced by Marissa Brannick

  • A recently dumped Mia does not know what to do when faced with the possibility of single motherhood. Her pregnancy is further complicated when a mysterious man appears and claims to be her son from the future bent on meeting his father. While her son tries to change the past, Mia must confront her rapidly approaching future in this surreal comedy of parenthood.

Three Stops of Silence

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego

  • By Jonathan Ashline

  • Short film/MP4 file

  • Synopsis: Three Stops of Silence is a short film that follows an unnamed and mentally ill man as he goes about his daily routine living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His mundane life is broken by the sudden arrival of a beautiful woman. He plunges into a series of fantasies about this woman who quiets the distracting thoughts in his head and brings peace to his chaotic world. Unfortunately, these fantasies come to an abrupt end when the girl of his dreams leaves him. He is left alone ago but with a new found appreciation of the beauty that lies just outside his window. Three Stops of Silence was part of a multi-departmental collaborative endeavor named “Graphic Flash”. Adapted from a piece of flash fiction, it was then cast and filmed and finally scored by students from the music department.


  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State/ May 2016

  • Password: monkey101

  • Runtime: 8 minutes

  • Directed by: Eliza Zanolli-Stiles

  • Produced by: Marissa Brannick

  • Film Synopsis: Daniel, your not-so-average teenage boy, is just trying to memorize a monologue for his English class when his girlfriend, Rebecca, sneaks in to steal his attention. What begins as a cute high school romance becomes something more sinister in this psychological thriller short film.


  • School / Date Completed duchess community college/ april 2017

  • runtime: 8:06 2.7k

  • Directed by Molly Ganache, produced by Molly Gamache and Matthew Conde

  • After a night of partying and drinking, Nicole decides to up the ante by taking LSD. This decision sends her on a hallucinogenic journey filled with childhood memories, beauty, and horror. Her trip soon becomes a paranoia dream as she travels through different worlds with the mentality that she is stuck forever.

The Tuscarora Four

  • Category Western; Thriller

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State College, May 2, 2017

  • Runtime: 9:54 

  • Directed by: Jacob Marciniak Produced by: Avery Maycock and Robin Lazzara

  • Medium/Format: Short Film/H.264

  • Synopsis: This exhilarating western thriller film follows U.S. Marshal Elise Moore, who is captured by a gang of vicious outlaws in the mountains of northern Nevada after delivering their leader to justice. With $12,000 at stake, Marshal Moore will need more than her steady hand to leave the Valley Cantina alive!

Unconscious Monsters

  • Category Horror

  • School / Date Completed Buffalo State / May 12, 2017

  • Runtime 9:26 

  • Directed and Produced by Liam Peterson

  • 24 FPS / Fullscreen

  • When Ebly is taken on an uncontrolled journey by his subconscious, he begins to question what reality is. But as he continues to get lost in a loop of unfamiliar places, he attempts to escape the horrors that surround him, ultimately getting to the point where he no longer knows who he is or what he's done.


  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Oswego / May 3, 2017

  • Runtime: 14:24 

  • Directed by Issack Cintron / Produced by Issack Cintron and Dan Pilewski  

  • Originally for Joshua Adams' CSS 491 course, Spring 2017  

  • Although she runs, Marcella cannot seem to full escape her demons until they finally catch up to her.

When All You Wishes Are Granted

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed SUNY New Paltz December 2016

  • 18:07 

  • Directed by: Lukas Kranjc

  • Written and Produced by: Aaron Rodriguez

  • Medium: Digital 4K (Submission copy in 720p)

  • Synopsis: Aurora, a college student, finds herself struggling to comprehend the seemingly minute changes in her day to day life. She seemingly had it all, a loving and supportive father, a working mother, a sister who acted like a best friend and was in love with the man she thought she might marry. However, upon waking up from a horrific nightmare that cut off right before the end she discovers her once digital alarm clock has been swapped with an antique windup


  • School / Date Completed SUNY Fredonia, SUNY Buffalo / December 1st 2016

  • Directed by Daeil Kim / Produced by Steve Kwak  

  • Runtime : 05:29 / Digital - 2.35:1

  • A lonely man finds a mysterious TV, revealing a woman who talks with him. His desire to meet her leads him to press a button, only causing a catastrophe. *Note I (Daeil Kim) transferred to SUNY Buffalo from SUNY Fredonia for 2017 Spring semester. This film was made when I was attending SUNY Fredonia.

Xeniathan! A New Musical

  • Category Narrative

  • School / Date Completed Oswego - April 2016

  • 29:03

  • Produced by Mollie Clark

  • Directed by Cameron Ebersold

  • Black Magic Pocket and 16mm

  • Xeniathan! follows Allison Knix on a musical adventure as she joins a doomsday cult hellbent on summoning the titular monster to bring about the end of the world

Your Boy

  • School / Date Completed Alfred State College / November 9th, 2016

  • 04:39 

  • Directed & Produced by Markis Lazarre

  • Medium: Canon EOS M.

  • Format: MP4. 

  • When this unsuspecting college student wakes up to a friendly text message from an unidentified number, he is soon thrown into a world of nightmare. With an unsteady storyline and an ending that screams spontaneity, Miles, our protagonist is thrust into conflict with a hardened hall monitor. Will escape be enough to outrun his fear, or will he run into an even bigger one?


  • Category Narrative 

  • School / Date Completed SUNY Purchase / 7-10-17

  • Password: housefly

  • Runtime: 6:15 minutes

  • Directed by Lee Manor

  • Produced by Katie Carroll and Tara Forman -

  • Synopsis: On the night before his big tennis match a man must first defeat his greatest foe - A housefly

Wild Things - Against the Wall

  • Category Music Video

  • School / Date Completed University at Buffalo 2017

  • Password: SWFFMusicVideo Runtime: 3:11 Directed by Elijah Pike Medium/Format: Digital Video Logline/Synopsis: A music video for the song Against the Wall by the band WILD THINGS