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The SUNYWide Film Festival is a great platform for filmmakers from New York State's public university system to demonstrate the exceptional quality of their work. Unfortunately, poor film students typically spend their last nickel on their projects, not attending festivals. So, we're asking YOU--friends of filmmakers--to help us produce the festival so that it can be a truly SUNY-Wide event. Donate now >>


What your donation will help pay for...

We are asking for donations to help offset the following costs:

  • Student Travel - New York is a large state!  Mobilizing students from all over the state is no easy feat. Your donation will enable students to get to the shores of Lake Ontario where SUNY Oswego (SWFF7 host school) resides.

  • The Three P's - Programming, Prizes & Professionalism - SWFF7 will include screenings of selected films as well as hands-on workshops by experts in the field and a keynote address by Andrew Miano, a Hollywood producer and SUNY alum. It is an excellent opportunity for students to network with their peers and professionals. Your donation will help pay for travel, lodging, networking events and awards to the top filmmakers.


Why you should donate to SWFF...

With so many great causes in the world, why would you choose to donate to SWFF? Well, we aren't saying you shouldn't donate to other great causes--do that too!--but here are a few reasons we think SWFF is a terrific giving opportunity:

  • Wide-Range Impact in Public Education - SWFF is a state-wide film festival open to students attending any of the 64 SUNY-affiliated campuses. As a public university system, SUNY offers students the opportunity to learn the craft of filmmaking at a much lower cost than private film schools. However, our campuses have a hard time building networks comparable to the privates. SWFF brings all of the SUNY campuses together to harness our collective power. By donating to SWFF, you are giving our students the kind of networking and professional opportunities typically afforded by private programs.

  • It's Tax Deductible - Donations to SWFF are processed through The Fund for Oswego, which is managed by SUNY Oswego and does not charge any fees for processing or managing the funds. Therefore, 100% of your donation will benefit the participants of SWFF. You will receive an acknowledgement of your donation and its tax deducitble status.

  • Production Credits - You know you've always wanted to be a "producer," right? Well, if you donate to SWFF, you can achieve your dream! All donors will be acknowledged in the festival program. See giving levels below for more information.


Giving Levels

We will recognize all of our donors in the 2016 SWFF program with special thanks to those who give at the levels listed below. Join our production today so that we can make it a blockbuster!

Executive Producer - $500+

Director - $350

Screenwriter - $250

Producer - $150

Assistant Director - $100

Production Assistant - $50


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