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Film and video is a thriving field of study throughout the SUNY system. From the traditional Hollywood narrative to animation, experimental film and video to documentary work, students and faculty are exploring personal visions through time-based image making. SWFF provides a platform to highlight the work that best exemplifies the dedication and skill found across the SUNY system. We are committed to enriching our academic and local communities with entertaining, thought-provoking and challenging film and video work.


SWFF was launched in 2009 as an opportunity to showcase the cinematic work of students and faculty from the SUNY system. The festival is a result of the vision and dedication of Phil Hastings, Associate Professor of Film and Video Arts at SUNY Fredonia, who founded the festival and grew it to become one of the top student film festivals in the Northeast. SUNY Fredonia, Buffalo State, and SUNY Purchase have all hosted the festival in its first decade. During those first 10 festivals, more than 1,600  films and videos have been submitted to the competition. Selected films and videos have gone on to garner awards at other regional and national film festivals. 


The 11th SUNYWide Film Festival will be hosted by SUNY Oswego in April of 2022. The three-day festival will take place on Eventive so that we can ensure participation across the SUNY system. 


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Oswego, NY, 13126


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