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SWFF Past winners

These are SWFF past winners from the last 10 festivals stemming from almost every SUNY school!!


SWFF 1 (2009)

Grand Prize - Gates, Door

Christopher Caporlingua, University of Buffalo

1st Place: Julie, Hannah Bailey - Purchase

2nd Place: The Starfish, Heather Personett - Fredonia

3rd Place: Back Beat, Shinji Matsuyama - Fredonia 

Honorable Mention: l'origine, Elizabeth Crouch & Christa Haley - Oswego

Audience Choice: Roling Stoned, Jamie D. Loughlin - Oswego

Grand Prize - Gates, Door

SWFF 2 (2010)

Grand Prize - Vinegar + Brown Paper

Lisa Brotz, Fredonia 

Animation Award: Illumination, Brandon Prinzi, Heather
Personett, Erich Von Hasseln,  Fredonia

Documentary Award: Unseen Tears: The Native American
Residential/Boarding School Experinece in Western New York, 
Ron Douglas, University of Buffalo

Experimental Award: An Introduction to Physics, Caleb Foss, Purchase

Narrative Award: Unearthed, Alexander Atkins, Purchase

Audience Choice: Bonfire of the Humanities, Nicholas Shelton, Oswego


SWFF 3 (2011)

Grand Prize: Reciever

Caleb Foss, Purchase

1st Place AnimationSweet Irony, William Lauko, Fredonia
1st Place Documentary: Nobody Else But Me, Alexander DePinto, New Paltz

1st Place Experimental: Tuesday, Jon Simmons, Fredonia

1st Place Narrative: Sleepers, Jason Latorre, New Paltz

Audience Choice: Legerdemain, David Van Keuren, Buffalo State

SWFF 4 (2012)

Grand Prize: Speechless

Kraig Adams, Buffalo State

1st Place Animation: Bramble, William Lauko, Fredonia

1st Place Documentary: Morning Mary Lou, Aaron Brewster, MK Pottenburgh, Todd Stoops, Tim Franklin Andre Cobham, Fredonia

1st Place Experimental: Tremors, Christine Henning, Fredonia

1st Place Narrative: Sex and Spaghetti,  Nicole Favale, Purchase

Audience Choice: Morning Mary Lou, Aaron Brewster, MK Pottenburgh, Todd Stoops, Tim Franklin Andre Cobham, Fredonia


SWFF 5 (2014)

Grand Prize: First Name: Jogger Last Name: John

Kaleigh Griffin, Claudia Gallo, Keri Sheheen, Lindsay Nimphius, New Paltz

1st Place Animation: Gone FishingPeter Myers, Kaitlyn Murphy,
Nicole Natarese, Amu Lipsky, Nolan Metcalf, Oswego 

1st Place Documentary: Secret Chamber, Jason van Staveren, Isabel
Bazaldua, University of Albany

1st Place Experimental: Myopia,  Jeffrey Newell, Oswego 

1st Place Narrative: Scuba-Tap Man,  Grace Philips, Madison Amey,
Osman Sjhire, Joey Springer, Robert Sherman, James Toback, Buffalo State

1st Place Music Video: Ekiti Son,Calvin Nemec, Oswego 

SWFF 6 (2015)

Grand Prize: Fallout

Ethan Alexis Scarduzio, Binghamton 

1st Place Animation: Around My Head, Sarah Tuhro, Alfred

1st Place Documentary: The Superman Letters, Miriam Ward, New Paltz

1st Place Experimental: How to Breathe Underwater, Jennifer McCabe, Purchase

1st Place Fiction: Luna and the Tide,  Ben Davis, Purchase

Audience Choice: Astro, Alexx Yates Mason, Alfred

SWFF 7 (2016)

Grand Prize: Waiting at the Door

Akram Shibly, University of Buffalo

1st Place Animation: Orchestrates, Peter Myers, Evan Maroun, Jesse Malone, Oswego

1st Place Documentary: Serendipity: The Genius Behind Electric Lady, Cathrine Kaczor, Alyssa DeRosa, Megan Sullivan Alec Cafaro, New Paltz

1st Place Experimental: No Real Distance, Tiffany Deater, SUNY ESF

1st Place Fiction: Mime,  Jared Biunno, Binghamton

Audience Choice: One Love: The Eric Tallman Story, Chad Diamond Dann, Tompkins Cortland Community College

SWFF 8 (2017)

Grand Prize: Other Real

Torin Murphy, Alfred State

1st Place Animation: Kamunyak, Sarah Gaygen

1st Place Documentary: The Fierce Five Percent: Women in the Sound Industry Lady, Heather Bey, New Paltz

1st Place Experimental: Losing It, Quinn Lachler

1st Place Fiction: Fraud,  Anthony Riso

SWFF 9 (2019)

Grand Prize: Now, Tomorrow, Forever: The Persistence of School Segregation in America


1st Place Animation: Your Fault, Aidan Wilson, Alfred

1st Place Documentary: She Comes at Night, Forrest Miller, New Paltz

1st Place Experimental: Read @ 12:35am, Aidan Kaye, Purchase

1st Place Fiction: Jinju,  Emily Park, Purchase

Audience Choice: Jefferson Takes Tampa, Ben Greco, Oswego

SWFF 10 (2021)

Grand Prize: Princesa

Melanie Rosete, Purchase

1st Place Animation: 3’s Ol Bamboo, Heather Kendall, Purchase

1st Place Documentary: Evolving Media, Jesse Pieratti, Dutchess Community College

1st Place Experimental: House Sparrow, Annelise Andre, Purchase

1st Place Fiction: Princesa,  Melanie Rosete, Purchase

Audience Choice: The Fort, Anastasia Goldberg, Purchase

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